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The bond you share with your pet is unique and special. Because of that bond, the loss of a pet is never an easy time. My goal is to minimize suffering and provide counseling and support in order to respect your wishes, your pet’s life and the bond you share. When the time comes, it is the last kindness I can offer my patients. I will perform the euthanasia in the comfort of your home and attend to any subsequent arrangements. 

Emergency euthanasia: Unless your pet has an acute decline in health, euthanasia is not a decision to be rushed and so an appointment will be made during business hours.   In the event of a sudden, severe illness or injury, please call a local emergency clinic. 

Riverside Veterinary specializes in house call euthanasias. By focusing exclusively on in-home euthanasias, I have excellent availability and can often arrange euthanasia within several hours of your call.


I work with a local cremation service. Pets may be cremated and owners may request ashes returned to them. Pets will be transported by the veterinarian to the cremation service unless the owner requests otherwise.  

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